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Basic Astronomy and Observation Programme

Welcome to Cranfield Astronomical Society.

Our ‘normal’ regular weekly meetings shall resume online from 11 January. To receive the link to join the events, please join using the registration link.

Our main communication is through emails to registered members. Our Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are also channels used by the community.


The Cranfield Astronomical Society aims to provide a forum at Cranfield for the discussion of all astronomical matters, to encourage amateur observation and to operate, on behalf of the University, the observatory which was built to house the telescopes.

We are a friendly group and a happy blend of novices and experts.

Basic Astronomy Course

As part of our regular meetings, the Society runs a course in Basic Astronomy and Observation on Tuesday evenings.

The programme starts in October and runs just before Easter. It is designed to help you to do astronomy without coming to the observatory.

The cost of membership is £10 for students and staff of Cranfield University (this includes the course and use of equipment). Persons not related to Cranfield University can join as Associate Members.

Membership fees are waived until we can meet face to face again.

2022 Winter Term Programme

Programme from January 2022

Regular meetings continue to be online in this term. The committee is exploring COVID safe face to face meetings, any information shall be emailed to members who registered.

The Teams link for meetings is emailed to members who registered.

Registration Link

All meeting are on Teams for now.
The Teams link shall be emailed to registered members one day before the meeting.
DateTopicMoon ephemeris
11 January 19:30-20:30
Image processing of Astro-photographs70% Phase
18 January 19:30-20:30Introduction to stellar spectroscopyRises 16:37
Full Moon
25 January 19:30-20:30Mars. Why? Why not?Rises 01:39
54% Moon
1 February 19:30-20:30Geology of the rocky planetsSets 16:55
New Moon
8 February 19:30-20:30The Development of the HR diagram and it’s usesRises 10:23,
Transits 18:05,52%
Sets 02:04
15 February 19:30-20:30Synthesis of Elements in the UniverseRises 15:35
Full Moon
22 February 19:30-20:30Cepheid variable stars and the Discovery of GalaxiesRises 00:52 70%
No Moon in evening
1 March 19:30-20:30The Cosmic Distance ScaleNo Moon
8 March 19:30-20:30Galaxy DistributionRises 08:43 34%
Sets 01:00
15 March 19:30-20:30Current cosmology from the Big Bang till nowRises 14:31 94%
Near Full Moon
22 March 19:30-20:30CranSEDSRises 00:06 83%
No Moon in Evening
29 March 19:30-20:30New Horizons Mission
Dave Eagle
No Moon.
Clocks on 1hr 26th March
5 April 19:30-20:30Results of 3rd CASACSets 19:55
0.01% New Moon
Sun sets at 1943.
Possible minimum crescent sighting.
All programme are subject to changes.

About us

The Cranfield Astronomical Society membership is mainly Cranfield University students and staff. It is one of the active local amateur astronomical societies and helped many to enjoy the night sky.


At the moment, all meetings are online. The links shall be posted one day before the meeting.

During NORMAL term time the Society meetings are held on Tuesday evenings in the CSA lounge at 7:30pm on the main Cranfield campus, except when events or lectures are organised elsewhere.  As much as the weather permits, observation at Loxham Observatory is prioritised. Special observing sessions are arranged, not necessarily Tuesdays, to enable newcomers to gain experience or to observe incidental astronomical events.

The Observatory

The observatory is equipped with a Celestron C11 telescope on a powered equatorial mounting. Facilities exist for simple astrophotography through the main equipment. Some computer software is available for demonstration and observation calculations. There is also a range of portable equipment for offsite observation.

Members of the Society are permitted to operate the telescopes at their own convenience, provided they are able to demonstrate competence in doing so. Training is provided.

Get in touch

We published event information on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also email us.